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Court Lane Junior Academy

Annual Scarecrow Competition

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At Young Gardeners Club we have an organic approach to gardening and do not use chemicals and pesticides. By using methods of companion planting, sacrificial planting and natural methods, (Scarecrows), we are being kind to nature and the world around us.

This year the children who attend Young Gardeners Club had the opportunity to make their own Scarecrows at home. The criteria was for the Scarecrow to be noisy, made with recyclable items and to be child made with adult assistance.

All 16 Scarecrows were absolutely amazing. All very imaginative and all noisy. Each class visited the garden and voted for which Scarecrow they liked the best. The feedback from the teachers and children were very positive with all enjoying being out the classroom and viewing the garden crops, flowers and Scarecrows.

The winners were announced in assembly. All children who took part were given a gift and the winners had prizes and certificates. Well done to Ruth, Maggie and Lennon.

Thank you to all who entered. The birds are definitely not bothering our crops!!

Mrs Beer