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Court Lane Junior Academy

School Library Book Amnesty

At Court Lane we love to read and work hard to ensure we have a plentiful and wide range of books for children to borrow from the school library. Due to the school closures over the last year, unfortunately some of the books that have been borrowed have not found their way back to school. As a result, there are around 1200 library books which were issued between March 2020 and the end of January 2021 still unaccounted for. This is in addition to overdue books from before this time. 

To increase our book stocks and choice for the children we are launching a school library book amnesty. We kindly ask that you take a moment to have a look in your homes to see if you can find any of our books; they might be lurking under the bed, behind the sofa, in a safe place etc. We will not be counting how many you return, we will just be happy to have them all back! If your child has a sibling who left Court Lane last year, please also check if they have any school books, as many children left without the opportunity to return them.

Our library books will be obvious as they should have a plastic cover, a sticker on the spine, a stamp and a barcode inside. If you would like to know specifically which books have been issued to your child/children, please email

Also, If you have any junior aged children’s books in good condition which your family no longer require, we’d be delighted to offer them a new home.

Please return your books with your child to the class teacher who will ensure they are returned to the library.

Thank you.