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Court Lane Junior Academy


The wearing of uniform encourages pride in the school and a sense of belonging. We ask parents to support us in ensuring that children come to school dressed appropriately in the correct uniform.

Branded uniform is purchased directly from Price & Buckland via their website. 

Non branded items can be purchased from local stores and MUST be plain(No Logos) or please see details below for Pre-Loved uniform.

Telephone: 01159640827  &  email: webbenquire@price&

The school colours are bottle green and grey.

Uniform List

Item Details
Trousers/ Skirts GREY (not black)- Leggings and jeggings are NOT school uniform
V-neck Sweatshirts/Cardigans

Bottle green with motif or plain bottle green



Polo Shirts

White with motif or plain white

Summer dresses (for Summer Term & first half of Autumn Term)

Green or yellow gingham

Ties (purchased directly from school office)

Bottle Green with Gold Stripe

Black - NO trainers or sandals


Grey or white

PE Kit

Shorts/Tracksuit Bottoms



House colour with motif or plain house colour

Sweatshirt House colour with motif or plain house colour

P.E Kit should be kept in a shoe bag marked with child’s name. Plain tracksuits may be worn in winter for outdoor games when the weather is cold.  All children with long hair must tie it back and girls must not wear tights.  Earrings must be removed or taped for PE/Games.

For P.E in the hall the children walk to the hall in their P.E kits and shoes, then do P.E and Dance in bare feet.  This is essential for high quality work in dance and gymnastics.  For Games, trainers should be worn as plimsolls can slip on the playground. 

Please be aware of the following rules concerning uniform and appearance:-

  • Trainers are not acceptable as school uniform and flimsy or brightly coloured sandals are not appropriate or safe. 
  • Boots may only be worn to and from school with school shoes to change into.
  • No hoop earrings - only one pair of small stud earrings may be worn
  • The wearing of other jewellery, e.g. rings, necklaces is not allowed.
  • Nose studs and other pierced jewellery are not allowed
  • Nail varnish should not be worn
  • Coats should be plain without large logos
  • Long hair (Shoulder length and longer) should always be tied back
  • Dyed hair is not encouraged at junior school level.
  • Braided hair with beads is not allowed.
  • More extreme styles of hair e.g. individual strips of longer hair are not allowed
  • Hairbands etc. should be plain and green.
  • No backpacks - school book bag only - there simply isn't room and they are a tripping hazard.

Parents will be asked to ensure children keep within these guidelines and support the school policy.

All jewellery needs to be removed for physical activities and long hair tied back. (Shoulder length and below)

Pre-loved uniform

There are also ways to obtain good quality, pre-loved uniform. These schemes not only help to save families money, it’s also great for the environment.

Court Lane Schools Pre-Loved Uniform Facebook Group

This group is run by the school PTA to sell on pre-loved uniform to save waste and raise funds for the PTA!

Hive Portsmouth Uniform Share Store

Email or fill in the form and their team will put together your order and arrange a convenient day and time for collection from Central Library, Guildhall Square. All completely free.

Email or fill in the form below and their team will put together your order and arrange a convenient day and time for collection from Central Library, Guildhall Square.