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Court Lane Junior Academy


Welcome to Court Lane Junior School, a positive community of learners. We value and care for each child and delight in seeing them thrive as they grow into independent, happy and confident young people who believe in themselves, have the resilience to face new challenges, can reflect on their successes to date, are respectful  of the beliefs and view of others and who leave us ready and well-prepared to move onto secondary school.

We want all people in our community to be the best version of their self that they are capable of. The development of the whole child is our top priority with inclusion and accessible learning key to our successes. With this in mind we create an enquiry-led curriculum which evolves, is well balanced, challenging and inspiring. We recognise everyone is unique and work to remove barriers to learning. We aim to provide inclusive and integrated learning experiences, holistic opportunities which inspire physical, social, moral, spiritual and cultural development adding to personal development, cultural capital as well as academic achievement. Pupils must be self aware and recognise their rights and responsibilities. Excellent relationships for personal development are central to achievement so staff get to know every child well and to recognise their talents and individuality.

We are ambitious for all people; this is reflected in our vision, values, disposition for learning and strategic aims. Everyone works hard to ensure that children love learning, embrace making mistakes to learn and are engaged by the learning challenge. Our curriculum caters for a variety of interests to be motivating, meaningful and memorable. Teaching children how to live as well as learn. We also make sure our children are highly skilled and able to communicate, read, write, calculate with numbers and measures and use current technology effectively, as these are important skills to succeed on their learning journey. This will enable them have opportunities to meet personal goals and to become adults who can achieve well in an ever changing world.

Our caring, committed and professional staff team are dedicated to developing the knowledge, building skills and deepening conceptual understanding to enable children to enjoy learning, achieve well and build strong foundations, so they can embrace the future dispositions for learning.

Partnership with parents is important to us for shared high expectations, co-operation and mutual respect, and we involve you in your child’s junior school experience through offering opportunities for parents to join in celebrations of success, attend curriculum workshops, themed events, surveys and parent/teacher consultations. We are proud of our school and so pleased to be part of the family of schools within the University of Chichester Multi Academy Trust.

We have synergy with and share expertise with Court Lane Infant School, so pupils move seamlessly through a sequential learning experience. Court Lane Academies benefit from collaboration and recognise the specialisms and unique selling points of each school. We share the same site and believe in 'One Community, two schools, and achievement for all." The Professional Services teams also operate across both Academies for consistency and sustainability.

We all look forward to working with you so your child has amazing memories of our school and firm foundations for lifelong learning.