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Court Lane Junior Academy

Update from Mrs Beer - 04.04.2022

In October 2021 the Young Gardeners planted 300 Tête-à-tête narcissus daffodil bulbs. They choose to raise money for The Alan Sansom Brain Tumour Charity as he helped at Young Gardeners and in the school. They were pleased how many grew and how beautiful the flowers were. On March 4th the children held their charity daffodil sale and were delighted to raised £130. Thank you for everyone who bought a daffodil. Kind regards Mrs Beer and the Young Gardeners.


Update from Mrs Beer - 04.05.2021

I am delighted to announce that after 14 months of Covid restrictions, Young Gardeners Club will be back on Mondays, 3.20-4.30pm from Monday 17th May 2021. I have contacted children who are currently on the register to attend first. Then I will contact those on the waiting list. If your child would like to attend please can you write a note with your child's name, class and a contact number and hand into the office, addressed to me. I will then make contact with you.

I am looking forward to helping the children to make our garden look amazing again. 


Update from Mrs Beer - 01.04.2021

Year 4 children planted many spring bulbs, onions, garlic and broad beans in Autumn. Their efforts have been successful with beautiful pots of daffodils, tulips, muscari and the broad beans are growing well too. Year 4 class planters are also looking delightful. 

Victory Class have also been learning about potatoes and enjoyed our 'Spud Week' when they planted 30 Pentland Javelin early potatoes. These will be harvested the last week of term. 

I hope Young Gardeners Club will return when Covid restrictions are lifted. I will contact children on the register first and then offer places out to those who are on the waiting list. If your child would like to attend please write their name and class on a piece of paper address to Mrs Beer and leave in the office. I will add their name onto the waiting list.

In the mean time I will be keeping on top of the gardening with my class helpers.

Enjoy the Springtime when the birds sing, the weather is warmer and new flowers start to appear.

Mrs Beer

Update from Mrs Beer - 11.05.2020

Dear Young Gardeners and Parents.

I hope you all are well. I have been visiting the garden at the weekends and the crops are growing well, but so are the weeds. It's hard work on my own and I do miss my young gardeners helping me. In October the children potted bulbs for Spring. The week after lock down there was a beautiful spring flower display which the children would have loved to see. So I have taken  a few photos for them.

In the Poly tunnel we planted a few crops which are growing. The potatoes, runner beans, broad beans, strawberries, carrots and onions are growing well in the garden.

I will keep you updated and hope to see you before the end of term.

Take care and be safe.
Best wishes